List your properties on your website and feed to other listing sites with PropertyFinder, our widely used commercial property software solution built for commercial agencies.

Listing properties

Watch the 90 second explainer video

PropertyFinder is a property search function in your website and lists your properties. We add it to your current website using your site's existing look and feel. You can add the search features and property details you wish, some of which can be seen here:

Search features

Property details

The input of properties is controlled in the PropertyFinder control centre. It can be accessed via your login webpage from any place, any time. An introduction video of how PropertyFinder works with your website can be viewed here.

Add a property

The input of properties can be by hand or by bulk-feed; you always have total control to edit or delete, and you can set levels of authorisation.

PropertyFinder is a cloud-based database application that sits on our servers with short download times and multiple backups.

You can also automatically feed your property listings on any listing site you wish, such as EGPropertyLink, Rightmove, Zoopla and Propertymall.

Some examples of our PropertyFinder in use can be seen here:  

PropertyFinder has been used by many property firms, large and small, since 1995.

PropertyFinder is being used by clients in the UK as well as in Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine with a choice of languages for the user. An instruction video of how to use PropertyFinder can be viewed here.

Once you use PropertyFinder, you may want to add ContactMatcher and MailShooter.

With ContactMatcher you can save your contacts and their requirements and match these with your properties in PropertyFinder. With MailShooter you can then email market your properties in PropertyFinder to your contacts in ContactMatcher.

Contact Matcher