Network marketing for commercial property; Agents helping each other

LeadsToDeals makes it easy for commercial property agents to enlist the help of colleagues to find tenants and buyers for properties; agents helping each other for mutual benefit.

If a colleague introduces a client and this results in a deal, the colleague is entitled to a fee, preset by the agent who started the process.

The agent who asks for help can either chose colleagues by name or they can ask all members of LeadsToDeals for help. Either way a wide network of contacts opens up and the changes of finding a tenant or buyer for a property will increase manifold.

If more than one colleague introduces the same client, the fee will be shared. In case of any conflict the matter will be settled by the arbitrage expert Mr Anthony Salata of Jorden Salata.

The agent who concludes a transaction as a consquence of using the facility of LeadsToDeals will pay a fee of £20 to Muchimmo Limited who operates LeadsToDeals. No transaction, no fee.

How to join

You need to register with LeadsToDeals. Any established firm of commercial property agents can register.

If you are a client of Muchimmo Limited and are using ContactMatcher you are automatically registered and you will only need to click on the LeadsToDeals button to activate a request to colleagues for help in finding a tenant or buyer of your property.

If you are not using ContactMatcher, you can still participate in LeadsToDeals but you need to register, which will cost £200 per year.

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