Save contacts and requirements and match these with your properties to get deals done.

Contact Matcher

Watch the 90 second explainer video

ContactMatcher is an extension of PropertyFinder, your property listing solution.

ContactMatcher is a CRM (Contact Relationship Management) system that can store all your contacts and their requirements for property. The system checks the requirements against your properties and finds matches.


With ContactMatcher you can:

- Send property details to your contacts with one click.
- Add notes and reminders to a contact or property. Use these seamlessly with your email and calendar systems.
- Create reports for you and your clients on any of your properties at any time.
- Export all your data always with a click of a button to a spreadsheet on your PC. Your data is secure with our multiple back-ups.

An instruction video of how to use ContactMatcher can be viewed here.

With PropertyFinder and ContactMatcher in place, you can add MailShooter to cover all of your property email marketing needs.